Why choose us?

  1. Medical Quality
    • Be a Center of Excellence in Healthcare through commitment to continuous quality improvement and adopting industry leading practices in safety.
    • Meet and exceed international Healthcare standards through our integrated model of healthcare quality systems and evidence based medicine.
    • Surpass patient expectations by delivering healthcare service that is caring and compassionate.
    • Develop team work and communication through encouraging multi- disciplinary collaborative practice

  2. International Patient Management

    Global Hospitals has a carefully considered transparent process sensitive to the needs of patients and families for their cultural, language, and religious requirements, their medical needs and emotional support. As the majority of its international caseload is either life-saving or life-enhancing procedures, their honesty and integrity provides outstanding case management and better patient understanding.

  3. International Patient Marketing

    Global Hospitals actively supports web-based social networks, including YouTube, Face book, and Twitter. It has its own blog. The hospital has a dedicated team of men and women available 24/7 with access to treating physicians who can respond to qualified patient inquiries.

  4. Value for Services

    India’s hospitals are positioned to provide value for services and will continue to do so because the number of hospitals in India seeking international patient market nurtures a competitive cost structure.

  5. Patient Safety and Security

    Global Hospitals wraps the international traveling patients in a security blanket. From the initial hospital response, Global Hospitals assigns dedicated staff representatives to the patient throughout their hospital stay and a treating physician who directly discusses procedures and outcomes before the patient leaves their home country. Communication with the patient’s family physician is encouraged. Patients may stay in the hospital for their full recovery period to avoid moving to a hotel. Global Hospital also has in-house guest house for International patient’s security.

  6. Transparency

    Every effort is extended to ensure transparency of care, from cost to outcomes data. Patients receive a portfolio of their medical file and surgery documents including CT scans, MRI and X-rays, and operative notes to take back to their home country.

  7. Attention to the Unique Needs of the Medical Traveler

    Global Hospitals encourages patients to use a good medical travel facilitation company to ensure proper and timely care. It offers prompt scheduling of pre-surgery preparation. It provides exemplary follow up care and services to monitor American medical travelers once they return home.


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