After your operation

You will wake up from your operation in the intensive care unit (ICU). You will have a tube in your throat to help you breathe. It will be removed when you are fully awake and strong enough to breathe on your own. You may have other tubes as well. These tubes will be removed as you recover.

When you get out of the ICU When the doctors feel you are ready, you will be transferred from the ICU to another part of the hospital where you will be cared for by nurses specialized in transplant patients. They will help you start walking and eating. You may also get some physical therapy, because being active will help you recover. You will have blood tests every day. You will have x-rays if you need them. A liver biopsy may be done if your doctors think your body is rejecting the new liver. Rejection is common and does not mean you are losing your liver. You may not even feel your body begin to reject your liver. If it does, you will receive medicines to treat it.

If you have bleeding, an infection, poor liver function (called primary non-function), or clots in the blood vessels in the liver, you may need to go back to the ICU or the operating room.


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