Global Health City, Chennai, India is HALAL certified

Global Hospitals, Global Health City, India, Chennai is Certified as Halal Friendly Hospital, the first Hospital in India for “Halal Certification”.

Global Hospitals is India's leading and the fastest growing Super Specialty Care and Multi-Organ Transplantation Hospital and being a Centre of Excellence in Healthcare having International Healthcare standards.

Halal Certification is to add value for patients travelling from Islamic countries like SAARC, MENA and Southeast Asian regions which constitute around 75% of patient traffic. The countries which had implemented this concept are Thailand, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, UK and Malaysia.

The concept of Halal is not just about religious related matters but it extends to the products or services being deemed safe for consumption as well as has health benefits.

Halal Certification at Global Hospitals, Global Health City, India, Chennai is not only recognized as Halal, which means “Lawful” but also as a symbol of Quality and Integrity around the world.


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